The primary, overarching goal of physician-driven Wound Care Surgeons is to raise the level of wound care provided to all patients, as mandated by the healthcare reforms mandated by the Affordable Care Act, even as they reduce costs. They currently manage patients all over the Southwest United States, but their healing rates are tracked and benchmarked nationally. While their support structure focuses on Medicare compliance, they also coordinate care with physicians and mid-level providers. The program implemented by Wound Care Surgeons operated as something of an extension of the advanced evidence-based clinical pathways and they also expedite the healing process for wounds.

The fine professional medical personnel who work for patients with Wound Care Surgeons are highly experienced and capable, and they can deliver advanced wound consult and G-tube replacement services, among many others. A group borne out of the reforms instituted in the Affordable Care Act (ACA), their primary goal is to provide highly coordinated and very efficient delivery of services from doctors, physicians assistants and nurses; care that is uniquely focused on the patients, especially those with multiple chronic co-morbid conditions.