Healing should come naturally, but sometimes, due to complications, it may be slow or difficult, which results in wounds that won’t heal. Wound Care Surgeons offers a complete spectrum of wound care services including wound care at the bedside for the treatment of chronic wounds. Our team of wound care experts is specially trained to understand various factors that may delay or prevent the healing. Before developing a treatment plan, unique to your needs, we perform a complete analysis of the patients’ wound conditions.

Certain wounds require expert assessment, cleansing, and dressings to maximize healing. At Wound Care Surgeons, we offer wound care at bedside to prevent complications and preserve the function of the damaged skin.

We use the latest research, technology, and treatment methods to help manage your wounds effectively. With our wound care at bedside services, you can easily recover at home with the help of our specialist wound care nurses. Wound Care Surgeons follows an aggressive and comprehensive approach, coordinating traditional and advanced techniques, to foster healing from the wounds and reduce the recovery period.

The non-healing wounds rarely result from a single cause. Therefore, Wound Care Surgeons begins with a thorough evaluation and diagnostic testing to determine the underlying causes of the wounds. It is only after the proper evaluation that a treatment plan is developed to give patients the best services for healing. We accept all kinds of insurances such as Medicare, PPOs, HMOs, IPAs, etc.

Get in touch with us and avail the special wound care services for hospice patients at the bedside. We aim at eliminating the extra costs of traveling to wound care centers and reducing the costs for insurance providers. For more details about our effective wound care services, you can browse our official website. We guarantee to better your wound conditions in a short time as possible.