Wound Care Surgeons offers excellent services including feeding tube replacement service for the patients who cannot eat by mouth. A feeding tube is a medical device used to provide nutrition to the patients who experience trouble in swallowing or the patients who need supplemental feeding. Usually, people suffering from cancer, ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis), dementia, protein-energy malnutrition, poor appetite, liver failure, a head or neck disorder are in need of availing these services.

Though there are different types of feeding tubes available, the most common is the gastrostomy tube that is inserted through the abdomen to deliver nutrition directly to the stomach. It can get clogged, dislodged or broken and needs to be replaced. But this cannot be done on own. The wear and tear may happen due to inadequate hydration of the patient. Though you can place it back in stoma to prevent closure, in case it falls out of place, you require a specialist to replace it. At Wound Care Surgeons, we have an expert team to offer feeding tube replacement services.

The patients with feeding tube require special care. Our specialists do routine maintenance to prevent situations such as leakage from the stoma site or build up of hyper-granulation. These conditions may cause maceration, infection around the stoma site or bleeding. Our wound care specialists assess and treat the patients at the bedside, thereby eliminating the cost of traveling to wound care centers, making it convenient for your busy schedule.

Get in touch with us on our official website and avail the effective feeding tube replacement services. We accept all kinds of insurances including PPO, IPA, HMO, and Medicare. Connect with us and observe a noticeable change in your wound condition. We make sure that you will never be disappointed with us as we offer you the most effective and reliable wound care services.